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1. There is little doubt that: * People are living longer and with increasing age, may experience some deterioration in mental capacity; and * There are an increasing number of…

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Sexual Abuse Contributes To Successful Claim Against Deceased Estate

In a recent claim before the Victorian Court of Appeal in June 2016 (Edward Jones v Constance Smith), Constance, the 63 year old daughter of the late Abigail, together with…

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Challenges to Your Will

The law dealing with Wills permits various “eligible persons” to challenge your Will and to ask the Court to redistribute your Estate. This highly interventionist legislation: has generated a new…

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Don’t Die Without a Will

The laws dealing with “intestacy” (that is, dying without a Will) can produce quite extraordinary and devastating outcomes. The legislation strongly favours the surviving spouse, to the exclusion of your…

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