Wills & Estate Planning



Our Testamentary Trust Wills cater for your individualised family needs and circumstances, ensuring certainty for families, and conferring valuable benefits on your heirs and beneficiaries.

Our Testamentary Trust Wills provide beneficiaries with:

  • significant taxation savings (especially for children);
  • asset protection, providing maximum protection of your assets from creditors, business disasters, family disputes and other risks;
  • provisions to minimise the exposure to claims from other parties;
  • deferral of Capital Gains Tax.

Modern families frequently need to cater for multiple relationships. Our Wills have highly flexible structures to:

  • confer ongoing benefits through successive generations;
  • provide special protection and benefits to your surviving spouse.

Power of Attorney & Guardianship Appointments

Closely associated with your Estate planning requirements are:

  • Enduring Powers of Attorney enabling your trusted appointee to take care of your legal and financial circumstances if you become incapacitated or circumstances arise when you are unable to manage your affairs
  • Enduring Guardianship appointments enabling your spouse, children or other trusted person, to deal with issues relating to your ongoing care and medical treatment should ill health intervene.

Letters of Wishes

Letters of Wishes, which are closely linked to your Will, provide instructions and guidance to your Executors, Trustees and heirs, providing a clear indication of your wishes and helping to reduce the risk of claims by other parties.